Hercules Trophy love

"It's a very good way to bring the team together. Because it's a nice and different way than other teambuildings. Even the most critical voices say this is something unique".

- Peter Verbinnen (M33)

"I think Hercules has a lot of advantages for us because it is self-organized. All we have to do is sign up, but it's also super well organized. Teammembers come to tell me throughout the day that it's "spot on".

- Sven Asselbergh (Deloitte Business Process Solutions)

"It's a very nice event for our people to get together interdepartmentally and have a nice day. They talk a lot about it and it is fantastic advertising within the company".

- Patrick Kockx (CMA CGM Belgium)

"We are participating to strengthen our team. Create and strengthen the bond and above all increase the motivation at the end of the day in such a way that they know they are working within the right company and that we have a perfect team".

- Filip De Clercq (Gilbert De Clercq)

"It's just a very pleasant day, we've been doing it for a number of years and it's super fun".

- Leen De Boover (Belux Vendor)

"We had unbelievable fun and got to know each other better. We notice that it does change the team spirit. We are also an ecosystem and it is not always easy to see each other and that is a perfect teambuilding".

- Carole Lamarque(Duval Union)

"We actually put people together who don't know each other and at the end of the day we see that those people actually have a completely different bond with each other".

- Kurt De Neef (Dimension Data)

"12 exceptional labors and the gender diversity is terrific! Lovely group atmosphere, great people and fantastic activities... It's been a truly awesome day and we've got to know a ton of new fun & spontaneous people!"

- Solvay Business School

"What a splendid event! An extremely power packed experience. Our participating teams had an enjoyable time completing all the challenges with vigour, and we look forward to our continued participation at Hercules Trophy UAE"

- Abu Dhabi Finance

"It's the fourth year we've participated and we're definitely coming back next year! The Hercules in three words: fun team spirit and togetherness!"

-Ic Packaging


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