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How many people make up a team?
A team consists of minimum 5 and maximum 7 people. Each 15-minute challenge is done with 4 players. The more you are, the more you can rotate. The more diverse your team, the more chance you have of winning. Don't forget that a "men-only team" can never win because our scoring system is so clever that ladies can earn bonus points. We don't want it to be a "white male testosterone story" do we?

Where can I find the price?
To find them, go to the
events page and choose the event of which you want to know the packages. Just remember: thanks to our volume advantage, we can offer very advantageous prices that are a lot lower than if you would organise this yourself.

I see several event dates?
That's right! You choose 1 day on which you want to participate. Only the crew is capable of sustaining this madness for several days.

Where can I find the Games for 2024?
The Games challenges, for the 2024 editions will remain a secret for a while, but rest assured that there will be a few fan favorites there too! We will start announcing them about 3 months before the Hercules Trophy.

What is the deadline to register?
You can register up until one week before the event, but usually we fill up much faster. However, it is best to be there as early as possible! This will not only allow you to adjust your team profile and prepare well, but it will also guarantee you a lower price and secure your place. First come first serve!

Which companies and teams are still participating?
If you click on an
event page you will see "Teams" and "Companies" in the menu. They become visible approx. 3 months before the event. Check them out!

My question is not answered in this FAQ, what can I do?

Most of the answers to questions can be found in the FAQ. If you still can't find your answer. Please send an e-mail to


What if it rains?
Then we will dance in the rain! As long as there is no strong wind, the event will continue. Stay tuned to our event Facebook page for the latest news.

What should I bring on the day of the event?
Make sure you have a nice team outfit and don't forget your smile!

What should I wear ?
Comfortable clothing is a good start, as are comfortable running shoes. We encouraged to provide a fun team outfit. Do not wear anything with sharp edges that could injure other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles.

Can I check in my bag at the event?
There are no locker rooms, but you can place your backpack or sports bag in the tents provided during the various activities. We also strongly advise you to leave valuables at home. Hercules Trophy accepts no liability for lost or damaged items during the event.

Will there be photographers?
Of course, we love pictures! One or more professional photographers will be present at the event. The photos will be posted on the Hercules Trophy Facebook page after each event. We will also use the pictures in our advertisements in the future.

Is there parking available?
Parking will be available but we strongly recommend that you carpool, as there will be many participants arriving at the venue.

Can I change/refresh afterwards?
We provide shower facilities so you are fresh and fruity to start the evening section with the Award Ceremony and a Herculean After Party.

What does the BBQ consist of?
The BBQ is always the end of the competition - and the beginning of the awards and the after-party! You will enjoy a delicious assortment of different meats, veggies and salads. This will give you enough energy to start the evening after a hard day. Because the after-party is notorious.  

What about food allergies and preferences?
From an organisational point of view, it is unfortunately not feasible to cater for all possible food allergies and preferences. Are you participating, and do you suffer from a food allergy? Please let us know at, and we will exceptionally give you permission to bring your own food. However, this will have no impact on the participation fee.

Can I bring my own food and/or drinks?
Bringing your own food and/or drinks is not allowed. This is also checked by our security staff. People with a food allergy can, of course get an exception for this.


How do I register team(s)?
Go to
the shop, choose the right date, select you product(s) and order. During the process, you can either log in with your existing account, thus linking everything immediately to your organisation, or you can create a new account. We will then link it to your organisation. Don't worry, you don't have to place your additional catering orders right away. You can easily order or cancel catering and supporters up to 1 week before your Hercules Trophy. These things can change last minute.

Can I participate as a private person? Can I participate with a team of friends?
That is possible too! You can order your team online.
Log in (or create an account if you don't have one yet), select the edition of your choice in the shop, choose your product(s) and follow the steps in the webshop.

How many teams can I register?
There is no limit to the number of teams you can register. Is it really about a high number? Or do you want your own day for your whole company? Contact us at and together we will choose the event that suits you best.

Can I make this my own teambuilding or family day?
Of course! Especially for smaller companies the Hercules Trophy is an ideal formula. After all, there is something for everyone and you don't have to organise it. Some people can participate in teams, others can support and everyone can experience all the eating and partying together in a cosy village. Feel free to bring flags to show where your zone is. It also provides extra visibility. The larger companies can even organise a full day for themselves. Need inspiration or an example? Contact us at

Can anyone within the company order a team?
Only the contact person of an organisation is authorised to order a team. Are you not sure who your contact person is, or is your contact person no longer active within your company or organisation? Send us an email at and we will solve the problem for you immediately!

How do I register a supporter?
By talking to your Hercules contact person. He or she can order your visitor(s) in
the shop. The only thing the contact person has to do is to log in with the account on which he or she is registered as contact person, then indicate in the shop on which date you will participate and finally indicate the visitor formula(s) and numbers. After completing the payment, the registration is completed.  

Are you not sure who your contact person is, or is your contact person no longer active within your company or organisation? Send us an email at and we will solve the problem for you immediately!

How do I register a supporter as an individual?
You can order your supporter(s) in
the shop. The only thing you have to do is log in (or create an account if you don't have one yet), indicate in the shop on which date you will participate and then also indicate the visitor formula(s) and numbers. After completing the payment, your registration is complete and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

How does the payment work?
Mollie is our payment provider. VISA, Mastercard, Bancontact, it's all possible. If you order a large number of teams, we can also work with invoicing and bank transfer, but then there is an additional administrative cost. Please contact for this.


How do I create an administrator account?
Contact us at We will create your organisation and link your account to it. You can also place an order directly and create your account during the ordering process. Our team will make sure that everything is linked correctly.

I want to become captain or player in a team of my organisation. How does that work?
The contact person of your company can assign captains to teams. The captain's account will be created automatically and the captain will receive an email message on how to edit the team. Be sure to add to your safe senders! The captain in turn adds the players who in turn can log in.

As the administrator, I want to add all the players myself?
So there are several ways to do that. You
log in, go to My Account and find My Company. Click on "edit" and go to the tab "Employees". You can add employees per employee, upload a CSV file or generate an invitation link that you can send to participants so that they register themselves. It's so easy!

I can't log in, how do I get my account details?
You can retrieve your account details from the login section of the website. Click on
"Reset password?", enter your e-mail and confirm. An e-mail with your account details will be sent to you automatically. Can't find the e-mail right away? Then be sure to check your "spam" and "unwanted e-mail". Add us directly to your safe senders to avoid problems in the future. Can't find it there either? Contact us at

How do I change my personal profile?
log in and click on my profile. Adjust the desired fields and click on save.  

I don't want my account to be public, how do I hide it?
Log in and from my account click on my profile. Tick off the corresponding box at the bottom of the page and click on save.

I do not get any emails?
Log in, go to your profile and check if you have checked that you want to receive emails. Add to your safe senders. You can also do that for, .be and .com.


How do I edit my team profile?
Once your contact person or team captain has added you as a player to the team, you can edit your team.
Log in and from my account click on my team. Edit the fields you want to change and then click on save.

Why create a team profile?
Because it earns you points, you can put your company in the picture and you can win the coolest team competition.

I do not see my team, why is that?
Do you get an error message when you click on my team and don't understand why? These are the two most common causes of that problem:  
* You are logged in with the wrong account. Log out and in again with the account which is connected to your team and company (the username is the email address on which you received the email that you are a player) and navigate again to My Team via My Profile.  
* You have not yet been added to the team. Ask your contact person (or team captain, if already added) to add you to the team. Once that is done, you can edit the team.

Still can't find it? Contact us at and we will help you.

How do I add players to a team?
Once a team has been ordered, the contact person can add a captain to the team. To do so, he/she simply has to
log in and click on my team from within my account. Select (if applicable) the team that needs to be changed and then click on "edit team" in the top left corner. On the page you will find a button to add players. Each person you add will automatically receive an email with further instructions.  

Removing a player or promoting him to captain?
Click on his or her name and indicate what you want to do.


How do I share my team page on social media?
Very simple: go to your team page and copy the link (=URL) at the top of your team page. Paste it into your message and ask your fans to support your team online as soon as the coolest team competition has started. They do this by casting a vote.

How to prepare?
The sooner you populate your teams with players the better. Our online platform does the trick. Three months in advance we boost online communication and encourage everyone to fill in their teams and prepare. Jokers are used, other teams are challenged, labours are announced, points can already be earned... In short, the games have begun! Peer pressure is created, there are hardly any drop-outs, you get to know "the enemy" and everyone comes to the Hercules Trophy full of adrenaline to make it a great day.
Here are 10 steps to success in your preparation.

How does my team earn bonus points?
If your team is 100% complete before the deadline, you will immediately receive 5 bonus points and have a practical advantage. Did you know that the difference between first and second place is often only a few points? So it's important! What is 100% complete? If you have filled in a slogan, team photo, joker, team song, team players and a captain! Let your creativity run wild and feel free to look at other teams for inspiration. Did you know that the most beautiful team photo also gets a special award? Did you know that the DJs know all the team songs and play them with pleasure?

But it doesn't stop there!
For 20 years now, we have been using an online preliminary process to achieve maximum engagement. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone now sees the benefit of this. Our team is known for suddenly launching challenges with which you can earn extra points as a team. So keep an eye on your emails and react quickly.

What is a joker?
The joker is placed on the Labour challenge that your team thinks it can do best. If you win that Labour, you earn extra points! The exact number of points is announced in the scoring rules that you receive at the entrance. That number depends on the number of participating teams. When you have completed your challenge, the Marshall will know that you have used your joker. How cool is that?

What is the coolest team competition?
A team can never win without real supporters. The team with the most supporter votes wins the competition! Ask colleagues, friends and family to vote for your team and use social media shamelessly. Just share your team page. Each e-mail address can only vote once for a team. Cheating by using temporary email addresses is pointless: our referee will screen all votes and remove fake email addresses. In case of abuse your team can be disqualified from the coolest team competition.

How do I challenge another team and why?
Log in and from my account click on my team, then on "edit team". In the challenges tab you can challenge other teams by selecting them from the list and then confirming your selection. If you finish above that team in the final ranking, you will receive additional points. If they finish above your team, they get the points!

What is the CxO pétanque?
In the afternoon we will invite 2 leaders from your company to come and earn points during the MadeIn World CxO pétanque Championship. Your contact person will give us their names. They can enjoy a drink and network with the other companies. Again: very important if you want to have a chance of winning.

Do you have to be sporty?
That is probably the biggest misunderstanding about the Hercules Trophy. Hercules is reminiscent of obstacle races such as Spartan and Tough Mudder. It is NOT that at all. By the way, we were first to use the name of a Greek hero :-) Hercules Trophy is a TEAM competition in which you complete 12 different challenges against other teams in a fun atmosphere. The challenges are balanced in such a way that there is something for everyone and that above all it is the teamwork that makes the difference. Of course it helps to have some sporty people in your team, but diversity and preparation are crucial factors for winning. And a bit of luck...

What are buttons and how can I earn them?
There are hundreds of different online buttons, each with a different meaning. The meaning of these buttons also determines how you can earn them. The "Warrior" button, for example, is awarded to all team captains. You can find all your buttons on your personal profile. Didn't get yours yet? No worries: they will be awarded a few days after the event. And those buttons say something about your opponents, of course.

How does the Hercules Trophy actually work?
You arrive punctually in the morning with your team and the experience starts from the very first minute at the gate. You fly in with the brain labour and one hour later you are dancing in an opening ceremony. For 20 years now, we have been taking you through a flawless organisation with meticulous timing and no queues, topped off with a delicious sauce of entertainment. Each challenge lasts 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of comute. You go from challenge to challenge with your team and meet other teams each time. We also make sure that you meet the teams of your own company. Everything ends in a resounding apotheosis such as you have never experienced before in a B2B atmosphere. And all thanks to you!

How can we win an award?
No winner believes in luck, but we make sure everyone feels like a winner.

On each labour, a challenge, you compete against other teams and earn different types of points. You get the rules and the points to be earned in the morning in your team pack. Each labour is run by a team of monitors led by one of our marshals. They write down the scores and our referee processes them into a live scoreboard. We "freeze" that scoreboard for the last 4 labours. To keep it super exciting!

Of course we have a real "cup" for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. But it doesn't stop there: best dressed, coolest team, best team picture, smartest team, cxo pétanque and fair play are all part of the game. Often there are also awards for exceptional performance in one of the challenges. We call them Cava challenges ;-) Here is an example. The awards are presented in a Herculean fashion just after the BBQ as an ideal start to a crazy party.

I heard through the grapevine that there is a Hercules dance every year?
You heard that correctly.

What about my voice?
It will sound different. Deeper.

Am I going to step outside myself?
Yes. Putting a bottle of water next to your bed and not planning too much for the next day is a tried and tested remedy.


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