Herculean Crew

Are you good with people and are you motivated?

Then this is definitely something for you! Working as a crewmember is possible for all ages.

We are looking for customer-oriented, motivated crewmembers for:

Hercules Trophy Mechelen on 24/9, 25/9 and 2/10/21.

Crewmembers receive a compensation, good food/drinks and can participate in the party.

Strong employees who feel good are a crucial element for customer experience. We do our utmost to immerse our crew members in the unique Herculean experience.

What awaits you:

  • - Wellbeing starts with good food. At the Hercules Trophy we offer you 3 delicious meals and drinks.
  • - You will meet a lot of new people, both crew members and professionals. That's a good thing for your (later) professional life! Moreover, from the first row, you will see how hundreds of ladies or corporate business people have a great time during the most hilarious challenges, an unforgettable experience.
  • - You work as a volunteer and receive a volunteer allowance. The certificate you receive will look great on your CV.
  • - Are you also looking for an internship? We would like to welcome you to our team! And if all goes well, you can also grow.
  • - Do you work more than one day at the Hercules Trophy in Mechelen? We provide a free place to sleep on the domain so you can party without any worries.
  • - You don't have to worry about your outfit, because we provide you with an official CREW t-shirt.
  • - There are many different jobs, from monitor to hospitality crew. We like to play to your strengths, so let us know what you're good at and we'll give it our best consideration.

Want to be part of our Crew? Fill in the form below, tell us what your motivation is and the most important... tell it to your friends and have some fun together!

You can already be a part of the team before the event and provide us with some quality leads. If the company is present at the Trophy, you will receive a nice bottle of Champagne!

Herculean Crew