The 12 Legendary Labours

of Hercules

Teambuilding 3.0. Get to know each other better and work together. Diversity is key.

Why participate?
- This is not an obstacle run. Nor about muscles and testosteron.
- The 12 Team Challenges are fun and accessible to all.
Even sofa surfers can join.
All skills are important to win the competition. Everyone feels like a hero.
- A referee, marshalls, live ranking... it feels like the team Olympics for companies

- Good food & drinks.
- Experience the unique Award Ceremony with prices for the best dresses, smartest, fairest & coolest team.
- Be part of the famous after-party.

08.30-09.30: Herculean welcome and team registration
09.45-10:00: Start team competition
12u45-13.30: Lunch
13u30-15u: 2nd part team competition & start Supporterscompetition
15u00-15u30: Crazy Snack with "fout feestje"
15u00-16u00: Welcome CxO's
15u30-17u30: 3th part team competition
16.00-17.30: CxO Championship Pétanque powered by Made in met luxe apero
19.30-20.30: Barbecue diner
20.30-20:45: Awards Ceremony
20.30-00.00: Line up DJ's & artists

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The Games

We bring diversity into teambuilding by having different labours each year.

We want to make Hercules Trophy an event you look forward to each year. By having diversity it will never be the same event as the previous one.

Each labour is unique and requires different skills to overcome them. Skills like teamwork and endurance are important for each labour you will encounter at Hercules Trophy.

Here are some impressions of the different labours we've had over the years:

hercules trophy dubai


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