Hercules Trophy is an excellent solution for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Option 1: participate with a few teams like large organisations.

A brilliant team building for your engaged employees; others can come to support your teams and party with them. It's a great way to show your brand and connect with the other teams.

Option 2: make it a company day and book several teams.

All your employees join a team. Everyone will love it, even the ones who are afraid because they associate "Hercules" with "scary". We organise a great mix of team games. Four team members participate in a challenge, so in teams of seven, you can easily rotate. Peer pressure helps to increase engagement and participation. Nobody bails on a team.

You could even invite your employees' partners to the dinner and party.

Option 3: Invite your ecosystem in your teams.

Want to improve the connection with your customers or suppliers? Why don't you create mixed teams? You will create shared and unforgettable memories together.